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Music Video Editor Add Audio

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Mô tả của Music Video Editor Add Audio

Add your favorite music to your videos in any way you want! Choose a part of the video where you would like to add a song. Supports song mixing with the original Video sound. Isn’t this awesome!

+ Choose any Audio in your Music list to add music in the Video


: If the video is larger than the music, you can choose to repeat the audio till the end. Also you can disable the repeat mode and keep the original background music / audio till the end of the video.

+ Choose the start location of the background music - you can just add your favourite part of the songs to your videos.


: Choose the location/position in the video where you want to add the audio. Say you have a Video /movie of 10 minute length and a 4 minute song – so, you can decide to add the background music /song/audio from the 4th minute to say the 6th minute of the movie. App trims /cut the portion of the audio and it will be inserted in the background like an audio editor.


– You can choose whether to keep only the added audio/songs volume OR a mix of song / music and original. You can decide the level of mixing i.e. songs volume high and original audio volume low etc. It is like a Voice Over feature.


: Before saving, exporting the video/ movie, you can preview the output with newly inserted background audio and then decide whether you want to keep added one or make some changes in the sound i.e. edit again.

+ Video List support: Generated , exported videos, movies are kept in a video list for your easy reference.

+ Share support: Share your Music videos & movie creations on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, by email and much more!

+ Beautiful, Modern and Easiest User Interface

Unleash your imagination! Start creating masterpiece Music Videos by mixing, inserting background Music / Sound! You can also use it for video dubbing – if you have a dubbing file, you can use it as input for video dubbing. Support Volume control with voice over. Best in class Audio Video Maker & Editor.

App uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.

Thêm nhạc yêu thích của bạn để video của bạn trong bất kỳ cách nào bạn muốn! Chọn một phần của video mà bạn muốn thêm một bài hát. Hỗ trợ bài hát pha trộn với những âm thanh video gốc. Đó không phải là tuyệt vời!

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